What is Acousta-Funk with a little Electro-Thump? Could it be just what it sounds like, or is it more? Well, it’s a project to get everyone performing and enjoying some fun-ass music. While my original tunes run the gambit of acoustic, electric, rock, funk etc., they are all songs that can easily be performed to backing tracks or with a full backing band. And that’s where you come in - TO PUT THE FUN IN FUNK! Learn a track, (or two or three) sign up and come rock out with me on stage!

For the last ten years I’ve been in LA working on, playing on and creating other people's music. That is until I made some headway in the business and got some recognition from an up and coming producer/engineer at Ocean Way, now United Recording. We've been working on a different rock project off and on with such focus that I haven't been playing out or working on any other kind of music. But I want to get back out and playing!

The whole zeitgeist for this project was to get back out in the community performing. I’m in a new area without access to the musicians I was working with in Hollywood, but who cares! I’ll set up the gigs, you can learn any song on either the “Acousta” or “Electro” page (not the “Demo” page) and sign up to come and perform live with me at my upcoming shows! I don’t care if you are a pro or new to your instrument - COME OUT AND PLAY! Your performance could rule or it could suck but it will aways be exciting!

Over the next year I will be adding new tracks that can be found on both of the “Acousta” and “Electro” tracks page. I’m looking forward to meeting you all!
© 2015 George DeRieux